Tuesday, July 28, 2015

10 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Blog Isn't One

1. You're basically publishing a print article online.
2. You don't pay too much attention to graphics and go with the first thing that works.
3. You have solid blocks of text and don't do any formatting with headlines or bullet points.
4. You say what you think but don't ask for Comments or discussion.
5. You don't link to resources or other bloggers of interest.
6. You press publish and forget about it.
7. You don't crosspromote your blog anywhere to get new subscribers.
8. You only write about what you're interested in regardless of your audience.
9. You don't publish regularly or set up an editorial calendar.
10. You don't guest publish anywhere or invite guest authors.

So...is this you? Recharge your blogging mindset with the goal of implementing at least one of these goals a week. You'll see the difference. Oh, and do you have any favorite blogging tips or favorite bloggers? Share in the Comments.


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