Monday, July 08, 2013

Jay Bauer Youtility Giveaway and Easypromos

First, the Book...

You can enter my book giveaway here...

I first heard Jay Baer when he was a Keynoter at Marketo's Marketing Summit in San Francisco. He truly gave one of the best presentations I've ever seen, based on concepts from his latest book, Youtility. His premise is that the company that provides the most valuable and relevant information to its potential client is the company that will stand out, and ultimately reap the rewards. In many ways, we've been marketing all wrong, and this book sets us straight. The customer must be the focus.

A reviewer in Amazon, Mack Collier, writes: "One of the core messages of Youtility that resonated with me was Jay's explanation of how marketing has shifted from being controlled by the brand to being controlled by the customer. Jay calls this 'Friend of Mine,' the idea being that many of us get information that leads to our purchase decisions from fellow customers, friends, and family. So if we as marketers want to continue to win business, one of the key shifts we need to make is to adjust our marketing to be in line with the information that customers are getting FROM OTHER CUSTOMERS. I think this is one of the key takeaways from Youtility, and Jay includes dozens of case studies of companies that are providing useful and valuable content, that in turn leads to trust and sales."

I contacted Jay, and he agreed to send me an extra copy of his book for a giveaway, so here you go. The giveaway runs from July 8-31. Best of luck!

Second, Quick Review of Easypromos

I discovered Easypromos while looking for a better app then Woobox, which I had tried recently and found the interface a bit awkward.


First promotion free, so you get a chance to try it out without giving your credit card info and having to cancel later.

Offer setup fairly straightforward, with all necessary features included, such as contest duration, name, image upload option, and text formatting for contest description, with auto editor.

Easy preview mode, so you review how your offer looks and tweak it before going live.

Attractive templates that give your promotion a finished look.


The editor mode froze at one point after I had entered my text, and wouldn't let me add more edits. It may have been due to the use of a symbol character, but I have contacted customer support, and we'll see how quickly they get back to me.

The Tab editor that allows you to customize the type and image is a bit confusing to navigate, as the screen does not direct users where to go first. I had to play with it a while to get my custom Tab published.

Compliance with Facebook guidelines could have been more user-friendly. The website states the app is compliant, but does not provide any sample guidelines text, which isn't particularly reassuring. If you don't add additional guidelines text, is your campaign compliant just by using the Easypromos platform?

Additional features such as a dedicated Dashboard for users launching multiple promos, and the option for random winner selection, were tough to find, as I had to scroll through their Facebook newsfeed and website Q and A's to find them.

All in all, I would try Easypromos again (maybe for my August book giveaway), but at $15 a go for the lowest tier, I'm also tempted to try out competitors such as Tabsite, Shortstack, and maybe Woobox again now that they recently launched Instagram contest apps.

PS I'm doing all this through my iPad only, as an experiment for mobile.

Has anyone read Youtility yet? Or have you discovered a great app for book and other giveaways? Share in the comments.


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