Monday, June 24, 2013

Vine vs. Instagram Video: 5 Minute Taste Test

I had never used Vine or Instagram video until 10 minutes ago. After reading the many rather exhaustive reviews over the weekend on each, I decided to cut to the chase and focus on user experience and raw first impressions. I also decided that I wouldn't write this post unless I could provide some useful observations and achieve functionality, in five minutes. Good news: everything worked, more or less. Here goes.

Instagram Video


*Setup was automatic, in that I didn't have to tweak any settings or make any adjustments, as I already had an Instagram profile, and had recently posted photos.

*Filming was easy. To get started, I merely pressed the video icon next to the camera icon on the screen, and held the button down as prompted. I did a quick 15-second panorama of our garden, and let go of the record button.

*Creating filters was also a snap. I just scrolled through the choices offered on the bottom of the screen, in exactly the same way as you'd choose an Instagram photo effect. I have to admit it was fun checking out the new options, and I can see the "Moon" black and white effect being a great choice for a vintage retro look.

New image filters like "Moon" give Instagram videos the edge over Vine
*Sharing rocked. Sharing options included email, Facebook, and Twitter, or just saving within the program. I liked how my video autosaved onto my iPad camera roll, so it was handy to repost or repurpose.
*Bonus feature: Loved being able to choose the title frame to create a more inviting Cover for my video, although YouTube has enabled this feature for a while.
*Editing feature a bit hidden. So after I had happily created and shared my video, I remembered that during the demo I watched on Thursday on Bloomberg West, there was an editing feature described , but I had missed it. I had also missed the fact the one could film in one 15-second take, or break up the filming into segments. If you don't like the last segment, just click on the red X and the delete icon, and you can redo the segment, or the entire video for that matter. OK, I got it the second time around, but needed to Google this feature to find it.
*Social? Not so sure. No Likes or Favorites, but maybe that was too much to expect from my little garden video. Will cover this next on Vine review. Was surprised to see no sharing option with YouTube.
*Set up was also automatic, and I didn't even need the mini tutorial to get started.
*Filming was fast, obviously due to the 6-second constraint. Vine prompts the user to video in segments, giving the final product a more varied and frenzied effect, which you can decide if you prefer.
*Sharing was easy.
*Connecting socially seemed much more natural on Vine. Within a minute of my posting, I received 4 Likes. On Instagram, nothing.
*I didn't like the lack of editing options available to the user, particularly when I saw what Instagram was offering.
*6 seconds too limiting. I prefer the 15-second video timeline, it just feels more relaxed while still being interesting. I found my own video a bit annoying because my voice kept repeating, however the looping effect could be valuable in a marketing campaign, to drive a point home, or to increase viral effect.
*No sharing on YouTube option.
Not that we have to pick winners or losers, as each application has its purpose, I would say that the image effects provided on Instagram make it a frontrunner in my book, providing for the more interesting visuals that made the photo app such a huge hit to begin with. That, on top of the easier to take 15-second video length, also make the Instagram video a winner.
What say you? Have you tried both Vine, and which do you prefer? Share in the comments.

-Carrie Jaffe-Pickett on Instagram

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