Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When A Celebrity Notices Your Brand

During a recent coaching call, one of my marketing clients commented that a celebrity had mentioned her brand in a blog post. She didn't become aware if it until nearly 6 months later, and had concluded it was "water under the bridge" and there "wasn't much she could do" to benefit from it after the fact.

Not so much! Here are several ideas I shared with her for maximizing the celebrity exposure after the fact.

*Blog About It and Link to the Shoutout
I suggested my client write a post highlighting the mention, making sure to link to the celebrity post, use a screen capture for the graphic, and include the celebrity's name in the categories and tags for maximum SEO.

*Highlight on Social Media
Use social media to not only promote the blog post, but follow the celebrity on Twitter and Facebook, etc, subscribe to her online communications, and comment wherever possible on a consistent basis, including on the actual post that included the mention. Create a hashtag for the mention, and include it in your tweets when you are mentioning the celebrity or related content.

*Create A Thank You Video
Create a thank you video that highlights how much the mention means to you, and include it in the context of not only growing your business, but highlighting what your business is about. Post it on your YouTube channel and share on all your social media.

*Write and Distribute a Press Release
It's never too late to publish a press release, particularly if you can make it relevant to a current newsworthy story, or activity that the celebrity is currently promoting. Make sure the release has its own URL, and include the link in your email signature tag.

*Be Visual
Take a screenshot of the mention and upload it to Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, and any other graphic platform you like that is social.

*Contact Celebrity's Team
Contact a member of the celebrity's team and thank them for the mention. Ask if you can add them to your elist so they are in the loop on future products and events. Also, get permission to publish their testimonial or excerpts from it on your website, blog, and e-news.

*Set Up Alert
Use Google alerts for your brand and its related keywords, to set up a systematized alert whenever your brand is mentioned.

These are just a few ideas to get started . Now it's your would you have marketed this press mention after the fact for maximum benefit?

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