Friday, November 02, 2012

Blogging Is Faster When You Organize in 3's

You can easily organize your blog images on the iPad by taking advantage of the Album
feature to keep blog images together.

Most projects are easier when you break them down, and the same goes for blogging. I used to think of blogging strictly in terms of posts, and of course, length and frequency. Generally, I try for 3 posts a week, of at least 3 paragraphs in length, although it usually ends up being more.When you think of what actually goes into blogging, there are 3 main types of content you have to come up with: text, graphics (photos or video), and links. If you're like me, you will find that you can save time by organizing similar content together, ahead of time, in the same way that you would organize similar tasks together, such as phone calls, research, filing, etc. Of course, the writing itself needs to be coherent, persuasive, and interesting, but I'll cover that next in an upcoming post.

Focus Only On The Words and Flow

So, if you want to focus on text alone and are working in advance, which I recommend, devote a session of about an hour or so just to develop 3 "nugget" content concepts for the week, going for the germ of the idea without worrying about graphics or links. You can keep your rough posts as drafts within your blogging program, use a Notes program like the Apple Notebook, or even email yourself your drafts, which I like to do, as it feels like I am writing myself a letter. If you think of a site or resource you want to link to, make a note in parentheses and come back to it, but don't disrupt your flow. Keep in mind that it's great for SEO to link to your own previous posts, so if you know you wrote about a topic already, also make a note in parentheses. As I am writing this, I am thinking of a favorite blogger I like on writing topics, Ali Luke, who blogs at Aliventures, so I know I'll come back to her for the link.

Create A Blog Album to Organize Your Photos

I take photos all the time and have a rich media librarry on my iPad. I primarily blog on my iPad using Blogsy or Blogpress, both of which can easily access my media library. Thanks to IOS5, I can now create photo albums as well. Whenever I come across a photo that relates to writing or social media, I copy it to my Blog Album, and then it's handy to drag and drop.

Keep a Running List

I find it saves time to keep a running list of links on my Notepad, or even as a Word document, so I have a quick reference when I need it. If I come across sites or posts I want to link to from my inbox, I copy and paste the link into my file, or I bookmark it, or I save it on my desktop in a folder marked "Blog," and then I know I won't forget about it. The other cool thing about a resources and links list is that you can pull from it for your enewsletter if you have one, and you have ready to go content. You can also use the list as content for a new blog post on its own.


When I'm ready to publish, I go back to my "nugget" post, proof and make final edits on the text, and then add my images, drawing from my Blog photo album. Sometimes, I have more than 1 image, but typically I use one main header image. Next, I go to my links page or bookmarks, and copy and paste the relevant links. Depending on what they are, they will also determine what sites and terms I will use in my tags. Tagging is typically the last thing I do.

So, there you have it...a 3 step process for faster and easier blogging. Try it out and see if this helps break down the process for you when you're feeling overwhelmed, and let me know how it goes in the comments.

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