Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Blogsy 4.1 Adds Facebook Integration

Blogsy, the "go to" blogging platform of choice for many iPad users --mostly due to its drag and drop capability for graphics--recently introduced 3 new feature enhancements which you can see on this link to the video. I have written about Blogsy before, and for the most part feel it's the most advanced blogging platform out there, despite 2 small peeves I have: the advance scheduling program never seems to work right, (so I just publish automatically whenever I use Blogsy); and the lack of a preview option has always bothered me, so I sometimes find myself dipping into Blogpress or even Blogger, just to see how my posts will look. Perhaps Blogsy will refine or offer these features in an upcoming version.

In the meantime, following is a quick overview, along with my takeaway on each one:

1. Drag and drop images from photo library when offline.
This is a cool feature if you frequently find yourself in a non wifi situation, or just want to organize your photos for posts ahead of time without being connected to the "internets." Most of the time when I post, however, I am online, as I like to work with all the integrated features I can, so I probably wouldn't make too much use of this one.

2. Facebook Integration.

This new feature allows you to connect with all your Facebook photos and albums, as well as store for future needs an envelope of images to post to Facebook, without actually adding the images to your Timeline. Here I just added my new Profile photo with an easy drag and drop, that took about 10 seconds. Double clicking on the image allows users to resize it, as well as change the alignment and link to a URL.

When I click on the Facebook icon on my right sidebar in Blogsy, I get the above pop up drawer that offers my albums and Profile photos.

This feature is certainly handy, as I update my Facebook with at least 1-2 new photos a day. However, it is someone redundant, in that I need to first add a photo to my iPad library anyway in order to upload it to Facebook. Since I can now create albums within the iPad photo library, the functionality us not all that different.

3. Set Featured Image with Wordpress.
I don't use Wordpress right now, but this looks like a good feature for those who do. For those of you using Blogsy and its Wordpress integration with images, I'd love to see your comments on how that's going.

PS Blogsy has also added Instagram as a featured service, allowing users to import photo right from their account. This one I will definitely use!


Clyde said...

Are you saying you use this instead of Wordpress? What's the SEO traction of Blogsy?

Unknown said...

Hi Clyde, thanks for your comment. So, Blogsy is an App for blogging on iPad, and I have it linked to my Blogger account, but it also works with Wordpress and I think Drupal or Jumla. Can't use Blogger directly on iPad, so you need an App like ths.

I think the SEO is pretty good, but I don't have metrics right now. Like that all the photo uploads also go to Flickr as well as FB, good for online visibility.