Monday, August 06, 2012

Marketing Monday: 3 Marketing Questions Clients Are Asking Me

1. Fran from Menlo Pilates and Yoga, asks:
I want to start a blog for the yoga studio. How do I go about it?
Answer: If you just want to experiment with blogging to see how you like it, try Blogger or, the free version of Both of these programs have a variety of templates you can choose from, depending on your niche, as well as the ability to build out regular web pages, so the blog can convert to a full website. Blogger is a little more user friendly, but not as SEO optimized as Wordpress. Both programs can convert to Wordpress later, which is a good idea, so you can get your own domain, which looks more professional, and take advantage of the customization and plug-ins Wordpress offers. It's also a good idea to publish a few posts first before promoting your blog, so readers aren't looking at a lot of empty space, and try and keep to a consistent publishing schedule, even if it's only once a week. Research keywords for your niche area (I like Google keyword tools), and start creating a media library of photos and videos you can readily download.
2. Lisa, from Bedtime Network, asks:
I want to get more visitors and community on my website. What do you suggest?
Answer: You have a fantastic website with great content, but you have no sign-up form or "subscribe to my RSS feed," so you are not growing the traffic you should be, and have too much "open" content. There is no reason, in other words, for people to come back to you, and your site is not "sticky." I also suggest an e-newsletter for the segmented content you are already posting, and an automated registation process that adds people to your master news list when they register and fill out your online profile. I also suggest blogging mainly on your primary content and becoming more of your brand, as it is becoming diluted from all the ancillary content on your pages. People like to hear your story and background, so they know they can trust you online. You need to think more about an Hourglass TM model, as John Jansch writes about, so you can lead people through a more enjoyable and clear customer experience.
3. Anne from Anne of Green Gardens asks:
I've posted all these great videos on my YouTube channel, but no one is seeing them. It's frustrating.
Answer: There are a couple of things you can do here. First, I'd suggest renaming your titles with "How To...etc," since How To tips are so popular, and this matches the format of how people research topics online. I also notice you are not stating your company name or social media profiles anywhere during the video, or as part of the annotations or tagging features. You need to post and repeat your online branding as much as possible. You can also create a custom Facebook tab with your YouTube link so your Facebook community can easily view them, and promote your Channel anytime you have a speaking engagement. You also should try and upload to YouTube on a consistent schedule of at least once a month, and make full se of your social media profiles such as Pinterest, to highlight each new video. One more tip: when you embed your video as a post on your blog, imclude a text description or even a transcript, for added SEO value.
So, what say you? If you have any onlinemzrketimg questions you want to ask? Comment here!

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