Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Constant Contact Video: Marketing Tips Using Pinterest

I came across this cool Pinterest video from Constant Contact UK, with some great marketing tips.

Here are some highlights:

*Be sure not to overly promote on Pinterest, but focus on sharing and strong visuals.
*Integrate your Pinterest profile with your Facebook page and your website.
*Avoid using clip art or poor quality graphics, and make sure you link back to the original source of the image, whether it be a blog or website, so it's clear where the image originated.
*Use the Pinterest Bookmarklet in your bookmarks toolbar to easily pin images and websites as you find them. Directions are on the Pinterest website.

What They Didn't Mention

*Make Use of the Comment, Like, and Hyperlink features so that others can see your profile and follow you back.
*Adjust your Profile Settings in your Account Setup for maximum exposure. There is actually a setting to disable being found by search engines--make sure this is enabled.
*Brand unique graphics with your logo and company info. You can use an easy imaging program such as PicMonkey (requires Flash) to create your own unique branded images for your Pinterest uploads, further increasing your online visibility.

Any other "Pinteresting" tips? Share here!

-Carrie Jaffe-Pickett
writer, editor

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