Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Maker Faire 2012 San Mateo

Maker Faire 2012 San Mateo
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I'm trying out Flickr's Share on Blogger feature, while also posting photos from Saturday's adventure at Maker Faire, San Mateo.

Even for folks like me who may not be scientists, but enjoy learning "how things work," Maker Faire is a rare treat. Having been for the first time last year, I really felt like I was seeing old friends again.

Who doesn't love the motorized cupcake, the "Lost in Space" Robot replica, (danger, Will Robinson!) the fabulous Swaparama-rama, the Unicycle people, the Coke and Mentos guys, and the fire breathing dragon thing.

Next year, I'm taking time out to learn silk screening, and treating myself to organic honey and eucalyptus soap, not necessarily in that order. I also want to vacation in the Ikea-esque Tiny House. I don't care if it's 100 square feet. It travels, is made of a wonderful and airy wood, and there's room to sleep and have a skinny person over for potato chips. What more could you want?

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