Wednesday, April 18, 2012

7 Cool Ways To Use Your iPad for Client Projects

Anne has a pretty website and many social media profiles, and she is super knowledgable about gardening. But she needs help monetizing her business and focusing. I'm looking forward to rising to the challenge with my 1 month coaching package, and will post highlights of my work with Anne in the coming stay tuned.

I just started working with my cool new client, Anne of Green Gardens, and I realized that in many ways the iPad works as a great Client Manager, providing one-stop shopping for many of the productivity functions you need with client work. Taking screen shots, organizing work folders and documents, and scheduling appointments and timetables, can all be done easily on the iPad. Take a look...

1. Skype iPad App for coaching phone calls. An economical way to communicate by phone with clients, plus a recording of the call (make sure you have permission) allows you to create a transcript for marketing purposes.

2. Notes is a great tool to jot down comments and observations, which I can later email to the client. Also, if I title each Note with the client name and number them consecutively, I have all my notes in one place, which I can easily convert to blog posts, or an ebook, or a handy guide to present to the client once the project is finished, and keep for my website as a project gallery.


3. The latest IOS 5 features a new photo tool that allows users to organize photo albums. Once I took note of this, I realized I could take screen shots of all documents, websites, and any other graphics that related to my project with Anne. Just create a new album, select the photo that fits the album theme, and it automatically is added to the album. This serves as a great project organizing tool, allowing me to keep in one album documents such as project proposals, invoices, copies of payments, and even screenshots of online resources and tools. I can also add music from my iTunes library snd create a nifty slide show, which I can use as a summary for Anne, and to show prospective clients.

4. One of my favorite Twitter apps is Twittelator, and when I feel the urge to tweet about a great milestone moment with a client, I love how easy it is to upload a photo from my media library to accent the tweet!

5. Blogsy, which I'm using to write this post, is a fun drag and drop blogging tool that also integrates with your media library, and doesn't require any coding or HTML expertise. I plan on writing about various aspects of my client work with Anne, and publishing it using Blogsy. I can easily add photos that I've already uploaded to the Photo library and to my albums.

6. Who doesn't like some relaxing music to work by? I love listening to Pandora and having relaxing tunes in the background.

7. The iPad Calendar allows me to enter any important milestone dates, meetings, and phone calls, right onto the calendar template. By creating a new calendar, I can give me project with Anne's its own color coding, snd it also synchs with another Outlook calendar I use.

So, what cool project management tools did I miss? Do you use your iPad for client projects? Do you have any advice for Anne if you got a chance to review her website?

Share in the comments here, and stay tuned for more about Anne!


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Awesome! Love it. This is great idea. Thank you. Definitely own this... calendar template