Monday, March 12, 2012

Marketing Monday: The "No E-Mail List" Mistake Lives on

Yesterday I was chatting with a woman after yoga class, and she told me she was handling the marketing for a friend of hers who ran a cosmetic surgery office.
"Does she have a newsletter?" I asked, curious to see what kind of stories might be of interest in this type of speciality niche.
"," she answered.

"But she has people's names, right? I mean, of the customers?"
"Yes, we just don't do anything with them."
Long silence. "I see..." I say slowly, and then go on to mention, as often have to small business owners, how important your list is. Those on your list are:
the coffee in your cup
your potential customers
your audience
your readers
your focus group
your fans
Last weekend, I attended a wonderful piano recital, which was so brilliant that the pianist got a standing ovation, a request for an encore, and a standing room only turnout. Afterwards, I asked the performer, who was also a new friend, whether she kept a list of everyone who attended her recitals.
"What a great idea!" she said, admitting that she'd been so wrapped up in Mozart and Brahms, that she'd forgotten all about the "M" word. Marketing! I pointed out to her that if she kept a list of her audiences, as well as her students, colleagues, and interested family and friends, she could communicate with them via e-newsletter about her upcoming concerts and appearances, as well as offer ticket promotions and maybe even a group rate. The people on her list represent:
the coffee in her cup
her potential customers
her audience
her readers
her focus group
In the last 6 years that I've been publishing my newsletter, my subscriber list has tripled, and I have not only received great feedback on it, but it has directly led to nearly a dozen consulting projects, plus another dozen referrals at least. I can't imagine any business owner surviving in these times without not only collecting names from people they network with, but publishing a newsletter at least monthly as a means of connecting with their audience.

That's why I love offering newsletter coaching, as well as writing and designing newsletters for clients. So if you're looking for newsletter help but don't have the time, feel free to e-mail me, or post what you might need help with here in the comments, and I'm happy to respond with a free consultation on what type of content and newsletter format I think would work best for your business.
Oh, and feel free to join me on my list, where I provide communications and social media tips and resources, as well as book reviews, case studies, discounts and giveaways, and more. I'd love to have you.
In the meantime, remember, it's all in the wrist... I mean... the List!
Happy publishing!

Carrie Jaffe-Pickett
newsletter afficionado

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