Monday, December 12, 2011

Welcome to 8 Days of Social Media Tips - #1

Welcome! In honor of the season, I'm launching "12 Days of Social Media Tips" as my blogging gift to all of you. It's a great alternative if you're getting tired of reading holiday cookie recipes. So I encourage you to stay tuned, and please feel free to comment along the way if you have any if your own tips to share, or an experience with anything I'm mentioning here. I hope you have a joyous, warm, and swinging social media season!





Tip #1: New Twitter Launches




The new Twitter just launched, and some quick research on the reviews suggests the changes are for the better. One of the best overviews I found was by Brian Anthony Hernandez from Mashable, which highlights the new dashboard. The new interface makes it easier to discover new topics and people to follow, embed tweets into your website, create shortcuts on your keyboard, and find friends. 


From what I've read, all the mobile apps are updated except for the iPad, so we'll have wait and see how user friendly that one is. I'm mostly on my iPad2 these days, ( am typing this on Blogsy, one of my new favorite apps), so I'm ready and waiting.


My take: I'd gotten so used to using Hootsuite and other Twitter tools, that the thought of actually hanging out in the real Twitter is a little weird to get used to. But then that's probably the reasoning behind the redo. Let's just hope the simplicity of Twitter remains. So far, it's taking way longer then 140 characters to explain.


Have you tried the new Twitter yet and do you think the redesign was needed?








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