Thursday, December 29, 2011

8 Days of Social Media Tips #4 Remember the "4 G's"

And...were back! After a mad rush of holiday frenzy coupled with a lingering head cold (a-choo!), I'm happy to return to this series. Tip #4 is actually 3 tips in one, involving the 3 "G's" in social media.

Here they are.


One of the most important aspects of social media, blogging, and, is to be genuine. Are you being true to yourself when you post comments, links, updates, and tweets? Are you posting resources you have actually reviewed and considered, and not just what looks good on the surface or because someone else said so? Have you shared with your readers what they need to know about you, and why? You need to be genuine and up front in all your online activities, whether it be selling a product, delivering a promise on deadline, or providing the result you set out to. I know some bloggers who have over time shared quite personal stories their readers might not have expected, but for me, this did make me feel more connected to them. 


Be generous with your knowlege, resources, and time, and it will always come back to you in a good way. Do you know the answer to a question someone had online? Don't be shy... jump in and answer it. Offer helpful links and resources that show you will go out of your to help someone. If you read a really great blog post, retweet it and write your thoughts in the comments. If there is an entrepreneur, business owner, or office employee who deserves a shout out, go ahead and highlight their post, website, or product, to your readers and followers.



It may sound corny, but you should always be grateful for your social media community-- your clients, your subscribers, FANS, and followers. They are what make your business thrive. During the holiday period - like right now-is a good time to show your gratitude by offering special discounts, a free giveaway, or exclusive content your subscribers and followers won't find elsewhere. I know that I love any kind of "best of" compilation which saves me time reading and researching online, and I will definitely download an ebook that covers a unique topic or has a fresh point of view.


Sometimes it's hard to create anything new or even write, when you feel pressure to produce fantastic content all the time. So focus on producing at least GOOD content most of the time, and yes, the occasional GREAT blog post, download, video, photo, or ebook.  Something good gets you points for consistency, and something great can be your cornerstone piece, gets you noticed, and will be shared.  You can do it!

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