Tuesday, December 13, 2011

8 Days of Social Media Tips #2: Instagram


Welcome to Day #2 of 8 Days of Social Media Tips

#2 - Instagram for Photo Sharing and Marketing


John Jantsch with Duct Tape Marketing wrote a cool post last week on using Instagram and photo sharing to increase online visibility. He highlights some other interesting apps for photo sharing and image enhancement as well. As he states, "Instagram is a photo-sharing site that’s a bit of a Flickr meets Twitter. iPhone users download the Instagram app and then share images after applying a range of effects and filters. Other Instagram users can “like” and comment on images and follow users to view their images in their own feed. Users can also easily post the images they upload to Instagram on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr if they choose. As with many social networks, personal use has spawned most of the growth. With heavy adoption however, businesses are now starting to take note of ways to use the Instagram tools and network to promote their business."

My take: I tried it a few weeks ago, and while I found it fun to enhance my Pelican friend above, I felt it would be more of a Facebook experiment and a way to make blog photos more interesting, but I'll be looking more into the sharing features. In fact, I've seen it used very well on Facebook by bloggers such as Liz Strauss, for example.













Here is a screen capture from John's email, where he includes an Instagram photo from Costa Rica. I love the effect here, which gives the photo an almost out-of-world feeling.

How about you? What is your favorite photo sharing app? 


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