Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Social Media & Nonprofits: 8 Habits of Effective Marketers

I recently attended a wonderful workshop on social media marketing and nonprofits, where one of the featured speakers was Beth Kantor, a leading expert on this topic and a frequent speaker at Compass Point events, which I have covered before as Press. Beth "wrote the book" (literally) on best practices for nonprofits and social media marketing --I'm pictured here winning a copy for my work on a recent project -- and it was great to get some new information on this growing area in social media. Every day, I read more and more articles on the growing importance of social media marketing as a key tool for nonprofits in not only raising awareness and Cause marketing, but also in fundraising and building brand ambassadors.

Note: Janet Fouts, Susan Tenby, Holly Minch, and JD Lasica also presented that day, and I'll be posting some highlights soon from their sessions.

Here are some quick snapshot of some of the highlights of Beth's presentation, including: 

*7 Myths of Social Media Marketing

*8 Habits of Social Media Marketers
Strategy and Objectives are, of course, crucial to any successful plan.

*A Very Cool Case Study
Beth highlighted The Bay Area Children's Theatre as a great model for nonprofits, with a lively Facebook page that features a good variety of photos and videos, and great user engagement. 

*A Handy Sheet on Metrics Tools for Actionable Analytics

I thought this was such a great resource, I snapped a quick photo in my iPad! I have already dabbled in Klout  Facebook Insights, and of course Google analytics, but several others in the sheet were new, and definitely worth checking out.

If you want to grab the entire slidedeck,  you can find it here. In the meantime, enjoy these screenshots, and feel free to comment here. Do you work for a nonprofit? 
What social media tools have you found to be most effective?

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