Friday, July 08, 2011

Hubspot Offers Great Content Reinvention Ideas

Hubspot's recent blog post featuring tips on repurposing content had some creative and inspiring ideas. When planning content, essentially the idea is to choose a concept that will have a broad appeal for your audience, and then the framework, or modalities, that will work best. Can your e-book, for example, be easily converted into a white paper or a report? How about a video or slide show? How about breaking up the chapters as separate blog posts that you can publish in a series, or a course that can be divided into sections?

Think about a variety of publication options for your content, in addition to the obvious ones, such as your blog. If you have a weekly or monthly newsletter, you can repurpose your content there. You can also try e-zines, and other article marketing and cloud sites, such as, Scribd, Google docs, Docstoc, and Amazon Cloud, a new cloud storage site for photos and documents that holds up to 5 GB. Consider a change of formats, such as podcasts for audio versions, or Slideshare for a presentation style display.

For those of you thinking about writing an e-book but feeling somewhat overwhelmed at the prospect, review some of the content you have already produced, and see if you can find any unifying themes or frameworks that would provide a publishing foundation. For example, last year I really wanted to write an e-book on Twitter, and I realized in sorting through my blog, that I had over a dozen posts about Twitter already written. Of course, when I organized the publication of 6 Degrees of Twitteration, I updated the posts and added plenty of new text as well, knowing that so many new Twitter apps had come on the scene. Don't forget that there are specific formatting issues that go along with e-books that you need to keep in mind, such as the treatment of graphics, including a table of contents, formatting for mobile, and other issues.

Remarkablogger Michael Martine offers great resources over at over on his website, and when he writes, "How to Write an E-Book That Doesn't Suck," he means it! He also has great tips for creating impressive looking cover art.

If you need any more inspiration, check out the video above and enjoy these very inspiring marketing quotes. My favorite is: "Passion comes before money."

What's your favorite marketing quote from the video?

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