Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Google Plus: You Had Me at "Online Demo"

I just started reviewing the online tour of Google Plus today, and the basic new features look great -- they include Circles, Hangouts, Instant Upload, Sparks, and Huddle -- all ways to deepen community interaction with titles, in case you didn't notice, that might sound like a list of futuristic kids names! So what am I excited about? I was super impressed with the way the tour was presented.

I couldn't try out the features real-time yet since I'm not one of the selected beta users (I did put myself on the list to be "next,"), so I focused on the style of the online tour, which features pop-up bubbles that include embedded YouTube videos for each one, groovy acoustic music, and appealing, slightly grainy voices that encompass all demographics: yes, ALL...including the twenty something power user who likes boredom as a creative boost, as well as the Baby Boomer wanting to reconnect with friends because, hey "you never know..." (Reminiscent of the "Dollar and a Dream" campaign for the New York City lottery, but we'll leave that for a separate discussion.)

The neat pop up "bubbles" reminded me of the interactive displays at museums, where you press a button and you get your own little viewing screen. I liked how you felt like you were in your own world, but could get a feel for connecting to someone else's "bubble," so to speak. And you don't even have to jump over to YouTube. Nice.

So whatever happens with Google Plus (we all know Buzz didn't exactly take off - I ended up deleting it and stuck to Twitter), I'm now excited both about the demo and the program launch.

So Google, you can invite me, I'm ready!

PS The "Instant Upload" is my first feature of choice to hone in on when it's ready. I know it's going to be a timesaver, and is totally in tune with the latest Cloud invasion, and for those who are getting tired of having to plug in USB cables all the time, this is for us.

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