Friday, July 15, 2011

Blogging on the iPad 2 with BlogPress: Part 3 - Formatting Text

Welcome everyone, and happy Friday! OK, I'm advance publishing here, so I'm just thinking Friday ahead of time...In the earlier videos this week, I showed how to upload photos both using the live camera feature in BlogPress, as well as accessing your iPad media library. I also showed how to tag your posts, as well as schedule them in advance.

So here's my 3rd and final post of this video series, and I've got two videos here that illustrate how to format the text when you're blogging in BlogPress. One shows how to change the color of the text, and the other illustrates the hyperlinking function.

I hope you enjoyed the videos, and feel free to comment here on your adventures in blogging, either on the iPad or iPad 2. I look forward to comparing notes with you.

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