Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blogging on the iPad 2 with BlogPress: Part 2 - Live Photos, Tagging, and Scheduling

Welcome back, everyone. In Monday's video, I showed a bit about how to upload a photo from your iPad2 media library. In this video, I show how to take a photo using the Blogpress camera icon, resize it, and upload it into your post.

The video below shows how to tag your blog posts, as well as use the advance scheduler. A nice feature here is that all your previous tags automatically come up, and you can scroll through them and click onto any of them that are relevant for your current post. Be sure not to click the "Clear" key, or you will delete the tags. Also, although there is a Category option listed, the functionality still does not exist to include categories, so if you click on that option, nothing will happen.

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