Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Twitter's 5-Year Anniversary Video

Twitter's 5-year anniversary video, featuring noted celebrities such as Snoop Dog, Serena Williams, Hilary Clinton, and Richard Branson, is a great lesson in video. If you haven't learned it already, know that simpler is better, and the power of testimonials should never be underestimated. (Old Spice, eat your heart out.)
According to TechCrunch: "Snoop even says that he follows Martha Stewart, because she keeps it stuttered and buttered, baked and flaked, and she love to wake and bake with the big Snoop Dogg. The site, which is clearly a promotional campaign, also allows you to follow the 16 Twitter users featured in its video and access suggested users lists based upon interests"
 I like the global reach, the music, and the transitions.  One critique -- where's Conan O'Brian? What's your take?

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