Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Facebook Design Inspires Bloggers: Compilation of 6 Great Posts

Over the last few days I've received a dozen or so very good overviews on the new Facebook design. I decided to share some of the posts here in a little mini compilation so readers could get a sense from the community of the new features and options and how they will affect their Pages. Enjoy, and feel free to post your thoughts here in the comments. Do you think the new Pages design will help your business?

Before we get started, here's a quick preview of how my new page looks, I just upgraded it. Users will most likely do what I did for the first few minutes, which is switch out the preselected/default,  photos for the ones they really want. This can take a while, as Facebook chooses them for you and you have to click the X to delete them. Other then that, the removal of the Tabs as such did not bother me, as all the navigation was moved to the left and it is easier to see how Page creators have divided their space. I have yet to post as a "Page," I'm sure this will happen soon.

A preview of my Facebook page, reflecting the new look. I like the photos running across the top, but spent a while switching them out to highlight the ones I wanted. The new tabs on the left are fine, but I feel they get a bit more lost then in the original design, as I was used to reviewing them on the top screen.

Shama Kabani, author of a very informative and highly readable bookThe Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue (Amazon affiliate link) offers a great tutorial here on many of the main features and changes coming to Facebook Pages. I agree with her, one of the most significant changes will be the ability to actually comment on other sites as your Page, rather then as your Profile. I had found it a bit awkward at times when I wanted to post as my business,, that I first automatically posted through my Profile and then had to type a separate link to my business. This new feature definitely addresses that issue.

*Rich Brooks and the folks over at Flyte New Media, who I've been subscribing to for several years now,  did a nice wrap-up over here. I like that users will be able to change the photos that scroll on the top of the screen just by clicking.

*Aliza Sherman has a great write-up over on Mashable, describing some of the strategy involved with the new Pages. For example, while it's great to be able to post as a business, you may not always want to do this, as it can take some of the personal aspects of social media away. I was aware of this, which is why I typically posted business related links on my Fan page, and more personal updates such as fun photos, music and video links, on my Profile page. It remains to be seen what the best recipe for this will turn out to be down the line. Aliza states: "While there will be much debate about whether or not you should post as a brand or as a person, the best practice is to post as yourself. One of the tenets of social media communications is transparency. Posting behind the banner of your brand is fine on your Page, but moving into other spaces as a brand can be invasive and unwelcome."

*All Facebook did a nice overview and was the only post I read the explains how you have to actually upload a photo album to Facebook, or use an existing album, and it will show by default the last 5 photos of the album. I wasn't clear until then how the photos actually got "selected."

*A handy post over at PCWorld focuses mainly on the photo issue, calling it one of the least desirable changes, due to the weird default selection of images that may not particularly reflect you or your brand. The post goes on to explain the more functional changes, such as how to toggle your account to post as a Page, and how to receive notifications of Page activity. For example, go to "Account" menu on the top-right corner of the site to "Use Facebook as Page." Once you activate that, you'll receive in-site notifications anytime someone likes your page, posts on your page, or comments on something posted on your page . The notifications show up in the upper-left corner of the site, just like they do with a normal Facebook account. You can also opt to receive e-mail notifications to let you know about new page activity.

So that's my blog roundup for now! Be sure and comment here once you've tried out the new Pages, I'd love to know what you think.

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