Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Poems by Carrie for Valentine's Day, #1 of 3

I will be publishing 3 poems today in honor of Valentine's Day. They have been previously published in literary journals, and I'm thrilled to share them with all of you, as I have yet to share my poetry with subscribers and followers as of yet. I hope you are having a day filled with joy and love, and maybe even some chocolate and flowers too, as life's little traditions are also what we come to know as blessings.

Poem #1 

Sitting Next to Angelina

"It's a good thing," you said, "to be apart a while,"
as if we were plants grown too close
to stand right

that was hours ago, when we said goodbye
at Santa Cruz,
and by now, you're halfway up the Oregon coast
headed for Seattle,
for a new home, in your mind,
of island and forests and magic rain

I am jealous, imagining you
living from the ground, finally, the way you always wanted,
burners in the soil, stakes in the dirt
at night, you feel close to the wind and sky
mornings, turn your face up to the rain
drink it in like a child eating snow,
surprise at the origin of water;

we too have been following water
me and Angelina, who is fifteen
on this bus down Highway 1
she has on Bermuda shorts and a faded Madonna t-shirt
carries a bag of chocolates and
a bottle of Aviance
she has a boyfriend named Rick she's on her way to see
says maybe someday they will
cruise a mean Corvette to Mexico
get a bungalow for two;

at Santa Ana, she takes out her astrology book,
says here's what she thinks and knows
if you're a Leo, you're reliable and will return to me;

headed toward the airport
past the Hollywood sign that looks too real
and the miles of palm trees that don't
in the arid sun that makes it hard to even breathe
the highways twist and turn
like minds that can't be made up
she flips the pages, looking for patterns and meanings
points to constellations with her pink chipped nails
arrows and harps, the suggestion of a head or tail

And maybe because she is looking
for all that and more, for nothing and everything at once
above and below
in distances of inches or light years
I believe everything Angelina says
in mean Corvettes
and Mexico,
and horoscopes.

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