Monday, February 21, 2011

Easily Insert Video into an Email Campaign - video

Here's a cool new feature from Constant Contact... you can now insert not just a video link into your e-mails,
but an actual screen capture of the video that takes readers directly to YouTube. I realized when I watched
this tutorial that I was actually doing this all along in the more "long-handed" way, by taking a
screen capture shot of the video frame I wanted, uploading that as an image, and linking
the image to the video link. So, this saves about 3 steps if you go through the motions and figure it out.

I will definitely try this in my March Butterfly! I also noticed in putting together my last newsletter some fairly recent features that
make the online editor easier, including click and drag to resize images (on the Mac, you used to have to enter the Image menu and manually resize each time), new browser support for Chrome and Safari, and a new "Attend My Events" feature that allows for auto insertions without
having to retype. I'll be trying these out soon, and as a Constant Contact Business Partner, it's fun to find out the latest news via their sneak peeks, so I can share with you all.

Has anyone tried these new features yet? Please share here, and include a link to your newsletter.

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