Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life, PR, and Yoga Happen When You're Busy Writing Your Blog

My urgent yoga deadline: Students enjoyed downward dog and other lifechanging poses during the Grand Opening at Be Yoga in Palo Alto,
the topic of my new article coming out shortly!

(photo copyright Megan Gonzales Photography, 2011)

Last time we connected, I had completed the first in my 3-part series on "Cloud Storage," and I had written about how much I love Box.net for its easy file management system, sharing features, and groovy connection to your LinkedIn profile.

I was all ready to move on to 2 other nifty cloud storage programs, Dropbox and SugarSync, (you can check them out in the meantime), when....a yoga deadline suddenly appeared out of nowhere -- OK it was somewhere -- I got an assignment to write a lifestyles article for a new magazine coming out shortly in this area, and I had this idea, and one thing led to another, and here we are...

The end result is that the article is finished and fine, deadline is complete, and I'm done for now. Thanks to Be Yoga in Palo Alto, and the great Open House they had on Saturday, which was my inspiration for the story!

But I'm still not ready to write about cloud storage, as I was continuing some work for Tribarter, the green client I had posted about recently, that promotes online trading of goods and services. Good for your wallet, good for the planet. I had been and will be continuing on this week, to do presswork and tweeting for Tribarter, and looking to see continued great results, with relevant followers increased from 7 to over 200 at last check!

I'm happy to report that I succeeded in obtaining a Press Clip on Tribarter in the Marin Independent, which picked up several paragraphs from my press release about Tribarter and its CEO, Hedi Katz. You can catch that here

And if you're interested in the press release I wrote, you can catch that over here.

So, with all that summed up, safe to say I will be ready shortly to resume parts #2 and #3 of my explorations in cloud storage, barring any major life events, press placements, yoga deadlines, and the like. Namaste. Oh and by the way, there's still a prize at the end of the series,  stay tuned...

PS 3 Tips on Multitasking

1. Meet all deadlines and make sure your editor is happy
2. Meet all deadlines and make sure your clients are happy
3. Go to yoga and make sure your the whole mind/body thing is happening, because you're going to need it. And yes, that may mean inverting (going upside down) for an undetermined period of time.

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