Friday, January 21, 2011

2 Cool Videos: Launches New Interface

I've been a fan of for over a year now, having stumbled across it one night when I was looking for an easy way to upload photos and share the links.  It's now one of my favorite photo upload programs, with a fairly fast uploader (I can publish about 60 photos in 20 minutes, and this is on a slightly older Mac). I also like the unique viewing features, allowing users to view galley style images as well as list view if you're in a hurry. (Note: they need to add a slide show viewing program, I have posted this to them on Facebook and they think it's a good idea.)

Now, I use many of the tools, including the handy interface launched recently with Linked In, so you can easily add files and folders to your Linked In profile. I found this a great way to share my portfolio not only for photos and events I've attended, but new articles and other resources as well. I also like the "create website" feature, which enables users to create a new website and share with others through a URL. A great tool for showing off an idea still in the making, but still making it look good with enhanced graphics and presentation tools.

The videos below highlight the newly launched user interface, and a high-energy talk given by CEO Aaron Levie just this week, as part of Stanford's Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Lecture Series. CEO Aaron Levie is an entrepreneur who seeks to reinvent how enterprise businesses share content across their organizations. In 2005, Levie saw the need for affordable storage on the Internet, and co-founded out of his college dorm room. In this high-energy lecture, Levie shares the successes and challenges of his company's move from early-stage startup to scalable cloud technology venture.

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