Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Save Time on Social Networking During the Holidays

This time of year, between holiday obligations (and fun!), wrapping up presents and last minute projects, maybe even getting ready for a vacation or a retreat, you're probably going a little crazy trying to squeeze in all your Twitter and Facebook updates, publish those blog posts, maybe even get in a marketing video or two. Maybe you're already feeling that dreaded social media anxiety for forgetting to tweet one day, or letting your blog gather a little dust.  And what about your Facebook fans? You can't leave them high and dry. So, here's a little mini guide to effective social media networking in 35 minutes a day. Yup, I said 35.

5 Minutes: SHARE - Skim your e-mail for some valuable tips or useful articles or videos from your daily in box, or from e- mails you might have already  saved or favorited recently. Use the Share feature to either post to Facebook, Tweet, Retreet, Digg, or whatever bookmarking or sharing you like best that suits the format. Don't forget that even on a preset tweet, it's a good idea to add your own twist to a tweet or post, saying why you liked it, what the value is for others, etc.

5 Minutes: COMMENT - choose your favorite blog post of the day and leave a brief comment on the topic in the Comments section. This is a great way to boost your online presence and potentially connect with other commenters later on.

5 Minutes: TURN YOUR BLOG INTO A FACEBOOK OR LINKED IN DISCUSSION - Take a popular blog post you published previously and brainstorm a new angle on it that you can post on Facebook or Linked In for your friends or fans to comment on. For example, say your wrote a popular post on ways to overcome procrastination. Turn the topic around as if it were brand new, and ask your friends or followers any tips or tricks they have for beating procrastination. Or, you can rearrange the points you made in your post and schedule them to publish in advance as social media updates, once or twice each day. Most of the social media aggregators have settings that allow you to schedule tweets and status updates. I like Hootsuite and Social Oomph (fornerly Tweetlater. )

5 Minutes: PICTURE PERFECT - Grab photos or videos you have saved on your pictures file or on your desktop, and head on over to your Flickr account and post a new set. You can add master tags that will automatically tag the photos from the same group, and it's fast and easy to add titles and brief descriptions. Or, upload to Posterous, Twitpic, or YouTube.

5 Minutes: FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW - Do a quick search on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or whatever one of your favorite social networking sites is, and follow or friend a new person or company.  Of course, you should be doing this all year round regardless. A little goes a long way, and your sphere will increase exponentially over time.

5 Minutes: BE A GUEST -E-mail one of your favorite bloggers and pitch an idea you have had brewing for a while for a guest post for their blog. Keeping it short and sweet will make it easier for the publisher to take in the idea and give you a quick response. Plus, a guest post is a great investment in the future, providing increased exposure for your brand and blog.

5 Minutes: QUICK VIDS - Next time you head out for holiday shopping or an excursion with friends or associates, take your video camera with you. You never know when a priceless moment will come along, and you can use  your creative skills to shoot a unique 20-second video. You can also shoot a bunch of videos at once, and schedule them in advance so you have ready to go content.

These are some quick tips for getting in on some social media action on a busy day or during the hectic holiday season.

What are your social media "on the go" solutions?

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