Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Client Spotlight: Tweeting for Tribarter and My Twitter Toolkit

Client Spotlight: Meet Hedi Katz, CEO of Tribarter
hedi katz
Hedi Katz is the CEO of Tribarter, a new online community where members trade goods and services without cash, and without a direct barter match.  Hedi and Tribarter were recently invited to join the Elite "Astia  Entrepreneur Program," one of only 20 Silicon Valley start-ups invited.
My Twitter Toolkit for 7-97
Relevant Followers in 1 Week

It's been my pleasure to welcome new client Hedi Katz, from Tribarter. The first stage of my working with Hedi involved increasing relevant Twitter followers so she could boost her online profile. Here are the tools I used to get from 7-97 relevant followers in just one week:
1. I used socialoomph to set up an account for Hedi, which I also use to track metrics as they developed, including click-throughs, etc. The free version allows users to set up Direct Messages to followers, schedule tweets in advance, and decide whether they want to autofollow those who follow them, or filter these responses. In this case, I created a message to direct followers to the web site, which is where all the action is.
2. I liked search.twitter.com for checking out the latest tweets and tweeters in the green space, and following those relevant folks as well.
3. Twello is a great tool that works like a Yellow Pages and lists Twitter profiles by category. You can search companies in desired categories, and also list your own.
4. New! On December 3, a new tool was introduced, called ReSearch.ly.

 PeopleBrowsr, the Social Search engine and analytics company, launched ReSearch.ly, a product for online marketers, brand managers, and social media experts to get real-time analytics and conversations from the social web. ReSearch.ly provides demographic data, sentiment analysis, real-time and historic mentions and viral analytics for any keyword. It identifies people who are talking about a particular interest, and then instantly drills down to uncover rich data about that Interest Graph, including location, sentiment, gender as well as related word clouds, hashtags, links, @names, etc.

I'm excited about this new tool and look forward to trying it out for Phase 2 of Hedi's Tribarter Twitter project. Results will follow in the next issue. In the meantime,  Follow us on Twitter for green tips, great eco resources, and info on how you can trade in your excess "stuff" for needed stuff, and help out the environment, as well as your wallet.

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