Tuesday, December 07, 2010

2 New Videos: A Testimonial and a Picnic (Hint: See, Sniff, Swirl, Swish)


One of the highlights of this fall has been having Betty Kaufman as a client, and I'm thrilled to share her kind video about the experience here with you. Betty hired me to edit her blog posts for the launch of her new blog, bettyswinemusings.com, and I was thrilled to take on the challenge. Even though I had edited many kinds of content such as articles, fiction, news stories, scripts, and newsletters, I had never edited anyone else's blog posts besides my own, and not only was it fun, but I learned a lot about wine and made a great "guinea pig," as I could let Betty know if any terms were confusing or potentially over her reader's heads. I also learned that many of the same rules apply, no matter what you are editing. Clarity, focus, and a clear progression between ideas are always super important! One of the most important editorial tips I can offer to new bloggers is to be clear, and make sure to provide the details that the reader needs to understand your topic. Just because you are familiar with it, doesn't mean they are, so put yourself in your reader's shoes, and if you don't have an editor, at least read your post out loud to yourself when it's finished, and see how it sounds to you.

 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Betty's Testimonial...

 When Betty kindly agreed to offer a video testimonial, I realized this would also be a great marketing opportunity to create a fun video that would give viewers a little preview of her wine shop at home parties. I noticed that she had done several head-on videos previously where she just faced the camera, but the viewer didn't get the full experience of how great Betty is at explaining the nuances of wine to others, and also...she's just fun and has a great rapport with everyone. So here's another quick video where we are having a mini wine party, and Betty explains the sensory aspects of seeing, swirling, tasting, swishing, sniffing....well, you get the idea. Enjoy, and cheers!

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