Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Video Creation Led to $130K in Sales

I always find NY Enterprise Report a great resource for social media and small business issues and trends. I particularly enjoyed this video that shows how Terrance Kelleman, CEO of Dynomighty Design in Brooklyn, (they make magnetic jewelry and the "Mighty Wallet") posted a quick video on YouTube late on night that resulted in $130,000 in sales over the next three months! I also think it's smart marketing that the company also launched a wallet-writing contest (you can write on the wallets, very cool), which further increased traffic on their social networks and website.

So now I'm inspired to make more videos, although he makes great points here, that you have to consider what your services are and of course your audience, so your videos are as relevant as possible. By the way, now that I've seen the video I totally want a new wallet, and I couldn't resist a screen capture of this cool Brady Bunch wallet! I also joined on with their Fan page, which as over 3,000 Fans, and a quick analysis showed a lot of good interaction with fans. Good for them!

PS I'll keep you posted on whether I actually purchase said wallet...

What's the best marketing video you've seen lately? Post your comment here.

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