Monday, November 08, 2010

Giving Wylio a Whirl for Blog Images

Peggy Bacon in mid-air backflip, Bondi Beach, Sydney, 6/2/1937 / by Ted Hood
I got this photo using Wylio and the search term "standing upside down." The photo credit below appeared automatically when I embedded the HTML code.
photo © 1937 State Library of New South Wales | more info(via: Wylio)

As I'm always looking for quick ways to upload photos for my blog, I was intrigued by last week's Tech Crunch article on Wylio for fast blog photo updates, so I decided to give it a whirl.  Described in TC as "the original, defacto, extra crunchy, all-in-one picture finder and re-sizer made specifically for bloggers, " (wow, that's a mouthful), here's how it works and my quick mini review:

These are the images that came up for my search terms, "Standing Upside Down." All went well, until I progressed onto the later screens,
and the images appeared to have nothing to do with the terms. Even on this first screen, some of the relevancy is questionable.

I selected the image I wanted, and then could adjust the image alignment, size the image, and grab the code. This was super handy, but I can already easily size and align the images in Blogger, so I was more interested in having the photo credit embedded in the code.

Here's the code ready to go for me to copy and paste. Not sure why the warning about embedding only after the post is written.

*The program was fast and easy to use. All I did was type in my search terms, and several hundred images on successive screens popped up. It was great to know that they were already OK to use permission-wise, as they were accessed through Flickr Creative Commons, so the user does not have to worry about photo attribution and sorting through royalties.

*The embedded code came up perfectly, and I really liked that the photo credit was included already, definitely a timesaver.

*It's great to shortcut the massive field of images that is Flickr Creative Commons, as it can be time consuming to find the right image.

*As you clicked through the search results, the relevant images dropped off rather quickly, and photos appeared that had nothing to do with the search terms. I tried this experiment using several  different terms, such as  "girl with apple," and "oceanscapes." With these two terms, neither oceans or apples appeared beyond the first screen. So, maybe the programmer needs to do a little tweaking.

*The sizing and positioning options are nice, but not super necessary, as I am easily able to make these adjustments in Blogger, and I know that Wordpress allows for this as well. I also find I need to tweak these adjustments once I'm setting up my post anyway, as certain variables, such as the addition of captions, alter the layout ,and one cannot predict this ahead of time. This means that one could set up a Left Alignment with a 50% size reduction, and then realize later they need a Right Alignment and only a 40% reduction. You see where I'm going with this...

Overall, I say give Wylio a thumbs up (I mean, a whirl) and see what you think. Let me know in the Comments here, and happy blogging!

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