Wednesday, November 03, 2010

7 Ways Social Media is Like A Pumpkin

1. Social Media can be really good for you or not so good for you, depending on how you consume it. 
A rich dessert of pumpkin pie everyday, for example, is not good for you. A healthy alternative such as a pumpkin bread or soup, however, will do the trick. In other words, if you ate it all the time, you'd get sick of it.

2. Social Media works best when used purely -- that is, when people reveal their authentic selves and don't try and be who they're not.
Pure pumpkin, with maybe just a touch of sweetener, tastes delicious. 

3. Social Media can be innocent, sinister, comical or devilish, depending on who's running it and what the purpose is. 
There's nothing wrong with that, as long as the intention is clear.
Pumpkins can be carved into faces that are funny, scary, dorky,  and downright evil. 
There's nothing wrong with that, as long as the intention is clear.

4. Social Media is infinitely versatile, with multiple channels for communications depending on the situation and relevance. 
Choosing the right "mode" for the right situation is key.
Pumpkins are versatile, used for soups, pies, purees, puddings, etc. 
Choosing the right recipe for the right occasion is key.

5. Social Media starts with a simple seed, which is basically your brand. Nurture that seed, through videos, tweets, updates, great blog posts, and deep connectivity, and your brand will grow and flourish. Ignore the seed, and your brand will die.
Pumpkins grow from seeds. Water them, and they will grow.  
Neglect them, and they will die. 

6.Social Media will be around for a while, because it's apparently human nature to want to tweet, share, update, link, 
reciprocate, upload, etc. 
The symbols have become the new reality.
Pumpkins have been around forever and will always be part of our culture, because they are unifiers and universally recognized. 
The symbol is the reality. 

7.  A smaller social media campaign is no less impactful or significant  then a larger one. The important thing is that it's appropriate for the audience.
Sometimes, you just need to grab and go.
A smaller pumpkin is no better or worse then a larger one -- just different. Sometimes, you just need to grab and go.

What say you? Did I miss anything?

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