Monday, October 18, 2010

3 New Productivity Tricks, Tips, and Tools

Happy Monday, everyone. I love to surf the web and my latest in-box news for handy tools and tricks to spice up life online, and here are 3 cool new resources that got my attention last week. Give them a spin and see what you think!

1. WiseStamp E-Mail Apps:
Fans of the Wise Stamp signature application that allows you to add your social media icons to your e-mail signature, will be thrilled to see a new gallery of apps designed to enhance your signature. New icons allow you to add your latest e-Bay products for sale, your most recent tweet, a cool quote or banner, a favorite cause, and your most recent StumbleUpon web page. An RSS feed link also allows you to highlight your most recent blog post.
Compatible E-mail platforms include:
WiseStamp is currently available as a Firefox extension, Google Chrome , Flock extension and Thunderbird addon.

LinkedIn Portfolio and Project Gallery Tools:

A funny thing happened on the way to updating my LinkedIn profile. Intrigued by a nifty option to upload articles if I had been published (yes, I had articles, I have been published!) or to add a media project galley for photos and images, I worked away and an hour later had a cool looking display as pictured above. Fortunately, I already had an account with, so I could easily create a new LinkedIn folder and transport selected files over to my profile. I chose about 5 photos and 5 documents that I wanted to highlight, and it was superspeedy. I love the interface, which allows you to click on the photo and easily rename it, write a description, share on Facebook, edit with Picnik, and send to any of my LinkedIn connections.

The media gallery application is run by a New York-based computer arts firm called Behance, and one look at the company's blog, mission, and press, tells you these people are the real deal. As I didn't have the time to upload video and photos using the gallery application, I treated one of my articles as an image (see above), and skipped many of the fancy choices I had to add music (music? on LinkedIn? are you kidding?) and other cool stuff, but I'm definitely revisiting these options. As I wanted an article gallery anyway, it worked out. Kudos to the folks at LinkedIn for partnering with great companies like Behance and

To set up any of these apps, just go to the Edit Your Profile page on LinkedIn and follow the instructions. Check out the video below that highlights the feature, and also check out this apps page for all available applications.

This is a neat site I found courtesy of the folks at Mashable, that allows you to upload photos and instantly make them interactive, meaning that you can share them with friends, embed them on other sites, create slideshows, and share albums as well. On first try, it seems a lot easier to use then Flickr, which can get a bit fussy when you're dealing with tags and organizing sets. I'm going to try it out again and see how the slideshow function works out. Below is my first Phlooked photo. Click on the left, and you'll see the features that including voting on the photo, adding notes, adding to social media, and other sharing tools. Pretty cool, yes?

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