Friday, September 17, 2010

VIdeo - Content Tips for Launching Your Blog, Inspired by New Client Betty! is Betty's new blog, which will explore the wonderful world of wine
I was inspired to make these videos (Part 1 here, Part 2 coming shortly), by my new client, Betty at, who just launched her new wine blog, and hired me behind the scenes as her editor for her first few rounds of blog posts. It was great to work with Betty, as she had so much enthusiasm for her topic, which is one of the keys to great blogging! She was also off to a great start, as she had terrific topic ideas, and a lot of great details in her writing about the wine experience. She also has a love of people and the way wine brings us together, which really shone through as well.

The Challenge: Betty wanted to make sure that her copy read smoothly, and reflected her expertise and enthusiasm. She also wanted to be sure that everything was clear in her writing, and that she was connecting with her new readers.

 My Approach: Betty sent me about 6 blog posts in advance that she had drafted. First, I read them all together to get a feel for her topic and style. Then, I made detailed edits on:
*anything that wasn't clear, including concepts or topics that might have confused her readers
* transitional issues - if sentences and paragraphs needed more fluidity between them
*suggestions for bullets such as these, so she could break up her copy a bit
*edits where her copy needed to be condensed
*suggestions for how to spice up her posts, by asking readers questions at the end of posts, and encouraging them to comment about their wine experiences
*one overall comment I had for Betty which I'm sure is true for many of us, is that I wanted to read more about her background and experiences, and how she came to do wine tastings at her home, which is an exciting and exotic livelihood.

End Result: Betty was happy with the edits, and sent me a second round of copy to review, which flowed much better and incorporated many of my suggestions, as well as new ideas of her own. We are working on her next round of edits shortly, but it was great to see how quickly she made her copy lively, readable, and inviting.

I'm thrilled with Betty's new blog launch, and would love to help others out there who need that little editorial lift in getting their content off the ground.

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