Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Command Shift 4: Love at First Screen Capture

Q: So tell me, what is your favorite Mac keyboard command?
A: Funny you should ask, as I was just thinking about that. It would have to be Command Shift 4, the screen capture command.
Q: I see. How often do you use it?
A: I hate to admit it, but if we're going for transparency here, at least once a day. Sometimes even twice.
Q: Really?
A: Really.
Q: What are the most practical uses of the the screen capture?
A: Well, I'm always collecting images for my newsletter and blog. So when I find a good one (that I have permission for, of course, and that is not copywrited), I go ahead and do my Command Shift 4 thing, and there it is right on my desktop. Easy Peazy.
Q: Uh huh. And what else?
A: Well, sometimes I get an e-mail offer I want to hold onto, or maybe a future event I don't want to forget about, or a book I want to read, or a recipe.  I just use the screen capture, and there it is on my desktop. I just need to be sure to make a folder so I can keep everything organized. I may also bookmark the page or use gmail folders, but this way it's right where I can see it, and I don't have to look for anything.
Pause. Sneeze.
Q: Are you OK?
A: Just a cold.
Q: Gazoontite.
A: Thanks.
Q: So, anything else?
A: Well, I have to say that I also find it useful when I'm linking on a blog post to a video. I just use the screen capture tool in YouTube, upload the image to the blog post, and then link it to the video. It's a neat way of giving some immediacy to your videos.
Q: Cool.
A: I think so. And there's also the more obvious use of the screen capture, for instructional purposes, like to explain a program or feature. I see this all the time.
Q: Yes, I know what you mean.
A: Was that a question?
Q: No, I was just being deep.  So, is that what the pizza photo is all about?
A: What pizza? Oh, you mean my latest screen capture!
Q: Yes.
A: Well, you know what they say...a picture's worth a thousand words.

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