Friday, August 20, 2010

Eat Pray Love: The Mad Libs Version (with Major Hints)

This is inspired by the movie version of "Eat Pray Love," and dedicated to all the authors out there who dream of Elizabeth Gilbert-style success and wonder if there's a faster, maybe less painful/abridged way to go about it. For the record, I totally love Gilbert, think the book and movie were great, and find her a "writer's writer."

So, one night, you, ________(your name here),  find yourself awake and miserable, and not so in love with your _______(adjective - leaning toward the not great) husband. All this, despite a ________ (adjective - think cool or groovy) house, and invitations to ______ (adjective - rhymes with swanky, or maybe it is swanky) New York parties. You go through a nasty _________(noun - rhymes with "of course"), and decide you need to embark on a major _______(noun - think "lip.") to kind of get over everything and rediscover your inner _____ (noun).

You decide on 3 countries with the first initial, "I": ________ (name of country 1 that is famous for art and spaghetti, not necessarily in that order); _______ (name of country 2, known for self-discovery, ashrams, beautiful wandering elephants); _______(name of country 3, known for decadent vacations, parties, and narrow roads where if you are on a bicycle you might get hit but not seriously by inattentive but handsome drivers).

In ________ (country 1), you gain weight eating pasta and desserts, make fun friends who let you take the lead on preparing the _______(name of significant American holiday that concerns the Pilgrims) dinner, and are not upset by your ________(adjective) belly, which forces you to by a new pair of ________ (plural noun - rhymes with "ants") even though to the average moviegoer, you still look pretty thin. While you're having a grand time, you still feel alone, and practice saying this out loud in  _______ (native language of country 1) in your ________(adjective) apartment.

In _______(country 2), you learn how to meditate, get bitten by _______ (adjective - think pesky) ________plural noun (think mosquitoes), and get called the nickname ________(plural noun - what you get at the supermarket) by a great guy with troubled past from ________(state in southern US that might have been affected by BP oil spill if book was being written now). You learn how to ________(upbeat adjective) meditate, and end by connecting emotionally with aforementioned wandering elephant.

In _______(country 3), you really let loose and decide you've earned a party or two after all that ________(adjective) introspection. Lucky for you, you run into _______ (famous actor with eyes like dark pools), who only hours earlier had carelessly crashed into your _____(noun involving manual 2-wheeled transportation that is particularly liberating on dirt roads with sunset in background). You get to wear _______ (adjective - something earthy) sari outfits. You fall ______(multiword adjective, like head-over-heals) in love, while working out the remainder of psychological issues with the great _______(name of well-known sage.) Despite a ________(adjective) fight on the beach where you kind of freak out for a few minutes and don't know how to answer: "What's the problem, ______(your name here)?", you realize your ___________(famous actor with eyes like dark pools and appropriate use of Bossa nova music) is the real deal, and you don't have to worry so much about being out of _________(noun - happens when you're trying to hold it.) You and everyone else are thinking: Sail off to the _______ (adjective - sunset related) island already _____ (punctuation of choice, preferably exclamation point.)

In a fitting end, you find your ________(adjective) Word, that symbolizes the physical and spiritual journey you have taken thus far, food included, and best of all,  you get to keep the outfits. The word is: ________(highly symbolic, poetic, sequel-friendly noun.)

End of Story, but not really....

Eat Pray Love fans, of either the movie or book, are free to comment here as well as fill in the blanks.

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