Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Want to Free Your Writing? Think Yoga When You Blog

Be Focused, but Open
Clear your mind from distractions, but also let new ideas float in as you write. You can always revise later, just as you can always try a new pose again.

Allow for Twists and Turns
Nothing is ever a straight line. Tell your story in an interesting way, and remember that you don't have to rush to finish -- the beginnings and endings will find you.

Stretch and Lengthen
A seemingly small idea can take on great importance when taken to its potential. Expand your brain, and try a new idea, style, approach, or topic.  Suddenly it seems different, right?

Be Noodly
Don't be afraid of formlessness, there is a freedom in allowing content to take its own shape at times.

Be Real and Tune In
What better time to be yourself then in yoga, and in writing. It's great to think of others as mentors and for inspiration, but in the end, we answer to ourselves.

Don't Envy Others
There will always be those who can fly into a headstand with no problem, as there will always be those who can write pages and pages seemingly effortlessly. Accept it if you have to struggle a little, it will mean that much more in the end.

Play Music that Inspires
Even if it's just in your mind, listen to music that has inspired you in the past. Everyone has their own "Chariots of Fire" theme song.

Don't be Afraid to Fall
Falling means you tried and took a risk.  Falling means you learned something. The great prima ballerina Darci Kistler stood out from the corps de ballet because Balanchine noticed that she allowed herself to fall. If and when you do fall, start over. Clear your screen. Walk around and come back.

Try Things Upside Down
Sometimes, your beginning is your ending, and your ending is the beginning. Try it out.

Celebrate Completion
Call a friend. Have a latte or an ice cream. Close your eyes, then open them again.

We all forget to do this at times.  How can you write if you forget to breathe?


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