Wednesday, June 16, 2010

10 Reasons Why Sherlock Holmes is My Favorite Entrepreneur

Apparently, in the 80's when I was watching "Thirtysomething," I should have been watching "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1984-1994)," which I have now discovered on our local public television station.  I am grateful for the now infamous and definitive Sherlock, Jeremy Brett. In the last few months, as I have thought a lot about business, social media, communications, listening, writing, observing, and everything that goes into being a complete package as a service provider, I have also been watching Jeremy, and amazed at how he serves excellent business consultant!

Here's why:

1. He listens first: 
He takes in all the information during client intakes, and doesn't take any action until he hears the whole story and finds out what's needed.

2. Has has great timing and knows when to wait & when to pounce:
If there's crucial information coming in a day or a week or a month, he will hold tight, and then jump on it at the right time.

3. He goes with his instincts:
Even in the face of other expert opinions, he goes with his gut instincts.

4. He knows what tools to use and when:
In any given episode, he'll use anything from a magnifying glass to a trained hunting dog, and even impersonations, to find the information he needs. In "The Adventure of the 6 Napoleons," for example, Sherlock has Watson track down an expert hunting dog to sniff out clues when the tracks are cold on a case.

5. He's great with paperwork:
When he wants to secure proper ownership, he makes sure his papers and signatures are in order. And in once case, gets to keep the famous and elusive Black Pearl!

6. He's nice to his assistant and delegates appropriately:
OK, so he can be a tad impatient with his sidekick, but he often says "please" and "thank you," to Watson, and he knows how to make full use of Watson's medical expertise when appropriate. He's a great delegator.

7. He gets time management and the value of staying up late, for good reason:
On many episodes, he's up all night, or just getting started at midnight, but there are great benefits....the case is solved by morning! I'd rather stay up late to get a problem out of the way and catch up on sleep when everything is cool.

8.  He respects client confidentiality:
If someone swears him to secrecy, he don't divulge, even when pressured.  Even better, he finds ways to placate those needing to know more, without telling his secrets.

9. He has great referrals:
Everyone knows who is is. They know his name, they recognize his face. They seek him out based on his reputation,  and he has great referrals and repeat business. Look how he is always getting visitors.

10. He talks in sound bites and gets viral marketing:
If Sherlock Holmes had a Facebook page, he'd have thousands of FANS just on reputation alone. I think he'd also be great on Twitter. "Elementary, my dear Watson," is nowhere near 140 characters.

You can't say that about Hope and Michael Steadman, now, can you?

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