Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Great Writers Are Also Great Social Media-ists

Over the weekend, I was thinking about...well -- I admit it --my inbox. And how I should practice what I've preached in my own communications, and really pare down my subscriptions so I'm only receiving e-mails and blog posts from people I really want to.  Otherwise I will forever be reading blog posts and newsletters, and not coming up with new content for my stuff, which was one of my marketing goals for 2010. Can you relate? So this morning, I pared down my subscriptions to my favorite bloggers, some of whom are: seth godin, chris brogan, brian clark (copyblogger), men with pens, problogger,  michael martine (remarkablogger), mari smith (facebook), sharon hurley-hall,  and zen habits. I'm sure many of them are your favorites as well.

In reviewing the common denominator for most of these publishers, I found that in addition to great blogs posts, they had all written at least one book, and that in most cases, I owned and of course, loved the book! A coincidence? I think not.  Do you have to be a great writer to publish a book these days? Not necessarily, but you do have to have some pretty great content to be top rated on Amazon, retweeted a million times, interviewed by top blogs and media posts, and pursued in social media like you're going out of style. It doesn't just happen by accident.

So then I got to further thinking that not only did I like their blog posts and books, but I liked the way they used social media, and that's no coincidence either. Because great writers get online communications, and the apple doesn't fall too far from the social media tree. Here's why:

*They understand how to send powerful tweets, and that 140 characters is actually kind of a lot if you know how to compose timely and relevant posts.

*They understand that it's more about you then them, so their communications focus on solutions to your problems, and not their latest success.

*They get how to connect their products to their brand using strong copywriting.

*They use their writing as a bridge to other media, such as video, podcasts, etc., so as to further connect the dots.

*They are great aggregators, explainers, and summarizers, and they're not shy about putting together compilation posts that sing and using social media to get the word out.

*They get that maybe not everyone on Linked In wants to see their Twitter stream, so they have the courage to disconnect when it feels like the right thing to do.

*They pack a punch with their seemingly simple blog posts, and kind of leave you wondering how (in a good way.)

*They are effective list writers, and know how to make them juicy and post them on your bulletin board/refrigerator meaningful.

So where do I stand? I was excited about my first e-book, "6 Degrees of Twitteration," (and my next one coming soon, on a topic that seems to freak us all out),  and I also get it. I get how to connect the dots, and find meaningful ways to connect online. I like the social media challenge -- it provides an added dimension to communications and consulting, and I'm here for you to help you out, if you need it.

In the meantime, enjoy these books I recommend through my affiliate links,  from a few great "writers" and social media-ists.

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