Friday, May 07, 2010

Do You Really Want to Be Everywhere Online? Think Channels

A lot of  marketers lately are talking about the importance of being everywhere online. I disagree. I think if you are everywhere, people get jaded about you, or bored with you, or overwhelmed by you, even if you have good content and clear calls to action. Imagine yourself at a party. You don't really want to spend the whole time talking to the same person, even if they are really great.

In my view, a better way to go, is to think in terms of channels.  First, be findable when people are looking for you or your area of expertise. In my case, my area is writing, editing, social media coaching, blogging, e-newsletters, (I'm a Constant Contact Business Partner), and public relations solutions.

Another way to go is to build relevant connections through content, meaning this blog and social media, and in my case, I use different tools for different purposes.  I use Twitter, for example, as an additional outpost to my main website, and as a place to build community with those in the communications sector and beyond, as well as for quick shares of  links, event information, best practices, etc. I also occasionally use Twitter to try out different fun apps, such as Twitpics, tweetchat, twitvid, tweelater, social oomph, and others. I use Linked In to network with professionals in a more targeted approach, and to use the advanced search tools to find individuals in specific capacities and roles, as well as the Groups. I'm a member of several groups, including Writers and Editors, National Association of Women Business Owners, E-Marketing Association Network, Mequoda Summit, E-Women, Oberlin College, Silicon Valley Tweetup, and several others.  My YouTube channel gives me a great place to share my videos, many of which include event coverage and interviews with folks who interest me.  Subscribers can  join in and be part of my community there.

Still another channel is to produce valuable content that readers and audiences will enjoy, which is why this year I have focused on targeted guest blog posts, a new e-book, and honing and refining my monthly e-newsletter about social media and communications trends, integrated content issues, business communications issues, and working with clients. which I renamed "The Butterfly." Feel free to join me there as well.

Trying to be everywhere is exhausting.  It's better to think "channels" than "everywhereness,"  and if you're good, they will come. Try it out, or comment here on what works for you and how you communicate online.

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