Friday, March 05, 2010

New Video! Yoga Weekend, Stillheart Institute, Woodside, CA, and 6 Filming Tips

Here is the video I made for my new client, anusara yoga instructor Rebecca Snowball, during her "Return to Stillness" weekend at the Stillheart Institute, Woodside, CA. It was my first experience taking a lot of photos and video of people in motion, and it was really fun. The Institute was such a great place to photograph, lots of natural light and feeling one with nature. I'm so glad Rebecca was pleased with how the video came out. I also learned a few important tips: 1. video works better when you film shorter clips, like 10-12 seconds, and then edit them together in iMovie or whatever program you're working in. 2. When interviewing folks, better to ask them in-depth questions that require some thought, rather then yes or no type questions. 3. the importance of great background music is key. I'm so thankful to talented musician Jamie Gaskin for sending me some downloads to work with. He is only 16, and has a great career ahead of him. 4. People tend to talk way faster when they know they're being filmed. I think it's partly nerves, and also that they aren't used to the process. Remind those you're filming to speak more slowly then they normally would, and to remember to breathe. 5. Keep the camera as still as possible and don't go crazy zooming in and out. I found it worked better to walk toward or away from what I needed to film rather then zooming, just a more natural look. 6. It's OK to crop! As with taking photographers, it's a good idea to have a good variety of clips to choose from when making your edits, but don't be afraid to edit them for length so your video doesn't run too long. I was careful to edit this down to about 3 minutes, the original was twice as long.

What are your video tips?

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