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CarrieFreelance March Newsletter: New Video, Free E-Book

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Constant Contact 2009 All-Star
New Video and Yoga Client Case Study
Free E-Book, "6 Degrees of Twitteration"
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What's Your Signature Move?

What do "The Brady Bunch," Trader Joe's, and Evan Lysacek have in common? They're all used as points of inspiration in my blog to talk about cool stuff like marketing, authenticity, athletic success as a mirror for social media success, that kind of thing. Hey, it's how my mind works. Check out the blog if you haven't lately and please feel free to subscribe.

"Everybody's Doing It" Social Media Club of SF Panel


Why are so many companies still shying away from social media?

I was excited about attending my first event with the Social Media Club of San Francisco/Silicon Valley in February. It was one of the best panels I've been to dealing with social media topics, and I was glad to see it was well attended, with over 80 people in the room and another several hundred watching on little lesson in the power of simultaneous broadcasts! I wrote a story highlighting key themes of the panel that was also linked on the main page of the social media club, thanks to club president Alyce Linquist. Click on the image for my blog write-up and link to the video.

Good News! I'm an All-Star E-Marketer

Validation rocks! I just found out last week I was named a Constant Contact 2009 All-Star E-Marketer. Thanks to the folks at CC for sending me this great note:

Dear Carrie,

Kudos to you! As a Constant Contact Business Partner, you did email marketing the way it's supposed to be done in 2009. You stayed in touch with your clients with regular email communications. You made sure your list was up to date, and that everyone on it gave you permission to send them emails. Finally, you delivered engaging information that your clients were eager to receive, open, and read. In short, you are a Constant Contact Email Marketing All Star for 2009. We want to congratulate you for being part of this special group. Thank you for being a Constant Contact Business Partner, and for making email marketing a part of your success.
Best wishes,
Gail Goodman
Chief Executive Officer

New Video and Yoga Client Mini Case Study
Those of you who are online friends might know that I was assisting my new client Rebecca Snowball, anusara yoga instructor, in providing marketing and public relations services. Here's a quick wrap-up of what I've accomplished so far in just a few short weeks on this project:
*Successful press coverage, with articles about Rebecca's yoga retreat published in the Palo Alto Daily Post, the San Jose, and The Almanac.
*A packed house, with nearly 30 yogis filling the Great Room at Stillheart. There wasn't any more room, really.
*Lots of great photos and video from the weekend, that I'll be using throughout the coming weeks in specific social media channels.
*A Happy Client. "Great video!" Rebecca said when she saw it. Yay.
Click on the image above to view the video. And while you're over there in YouTube land, please subscribe to my channel and feel free to leave a comment.
Download My Free New E-Book, "6 Degrees of Twitteration"
I'm proud of my new e-book and hope you enjoy it. It's a collection of some of my most useful blog posts about Twitter, as well as some of the best resources and applications on Twitter I have found. There's also a handy page at the back for you to keep notes, as well as to keep track of your Twitter profile information and favorite apps. I'd love to know what you think of the book. Leave a comment on my Facebook Fan page, as well as any thoughts about what you like and don't like about Twitter, and I'll use your questions and comments in my upcoming publications as well as here in this newsletter, along with a link to your business.

Caroline Jaffe-Pickett
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Carrie Jaffe-Pickett is an award winning writer and editor based in Silicon Valley. She is the recent author of Six Degrees of Twitteration, and has been published in Redbook, American Health, and numerous publications.
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