Tuesday, March 09, 2010

3 Cool Bloggers I Recently Discovered

It's fun to surf the web every once in a while and discover new resources. Over the last 2 weeks or so, I have discovered 3 new bloggers whose posts I'm really enjoying, and I'm happy to share them here with you. Being that I'm taking care not to crowd my inbox too much, and that I'm being super selective in what I choose to subscribe to, you can be sure I wouldn't be taking the time to read these folks if it weren't worth it. So check them out, see what you think, and let me know.

1. Wake Up Cloud - Self-Improvement Ideas for Conscious People
I stumbled upon this blog by accident and am really glad I did. Henri Junttila is from Sweden and recently moved to Spain. His life story is interesting - he used to be a professional poker player. Then he had a re-awakening and decided to help people with social media and blogs. Here are his own words:

"In early 2009 I decided to stop playing poker because it no longer excited me. I jumped into making money online. While it may sound easy, I can assure you that I had my fears, but I did it anyway because I knew I wasn’t going to be happy playing poker for the rest of my life. I discovered that following my passion is the only thing that matters. I want to be doing what I love all the time. I do not claim to have all the answers, because I am still learning and trying to figure things out, just like you. Right now I am making a comfortable living through my websites, but just a short time ago I felt something tugging, something pulling me towards sharing my experiences and life lessons. That is how The Wake Up Cloud was born. I want to help you become the real you. I want to help you find and follow your passion so we can create a world that we truly want to live in. Something is not right with how things are done right now, so let’s change it!"

Henri offers a 5-day "Discover Your Passion" E-Course that I'm receiving now and finding refreshing. He also offers comforting posts on tasks like writing your first e-book and making your first video, and has a friendly, approachable tone I'm sure readers are enjoying. I think Henri is going to be quite successful, and I wish him the best of luck.

2. Stealthmode Blog and Francine Hardaway
I came across Francine's blog recently when she was profiled in a local coastside publication here. Intrigued by her bio, I found her blog and subscribed right away, as I found the posts an excellent balance of technology, semi-personal stuff, as well as good insights into the future of social media and other technology rights of passage. As someone who has been around a while and seen the various waves of technology - from web 0.0 to web 3.0 and beyond, her perspective is interesting. Francine writes in her "About" page: Self-described geek-to-human translator Francine Hardaway, co-founder of Stealthmode Partners, bought her first Apple product in the (very) early 80s, abandoned it for the supposedly portable Compaq a few years later, and eventually returned to Macs. By the late 80s, she was haranguing her daughters’ journalism teachers for continuing to make the students cut and paste up the school newspaper copy when desktop publishing already existed, and had sacrificed their high school popularity for their greater good. (She also gave them fax machines for Christmas, which they returned.)

Her passion for hardware died when the Internet “came along” and she realized the future was in software. Her first real experience with the power of online communities was in 1996, when insomnia after her husband’s death led her to discover Widownet, followed a discreet year later by Match.com. In the early 90s, she made herself less popular with her friends by insisting that they all learn about email and the Internet, although they all assured her they would be dead before they needed to know it. She started a weekly email list that is now known by people who still don’t read blogs as “Francine’s blog.” Francine’s real blog — for those “in the know”–is right here. She can also be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, and every other social network someone tells her about. And, oh by the way, she is a serial entrepreneur who counsels and invests in other startup entrepreneurs at Stealthmode Partners, She can tell you how long it REALLY takes to get beyond those early adopters.

3. Jane Friedman's tag line is: where passion, publishing, and adventure intersect, and it's lines like that really get your attention. And that's just the beginning. You can tell that Jane's passion is books. She is the publisher and editorial director of Writer's Digest Community, and a true writer's writer, it would appear, with literary quotes sprinkled throughout her various web sites, and blog posts titles such as: "Is it Better to be Loved or Understood?" you know you're not in for a superficial read. Jane writes on her About page:

"To the outside observer, I’m obsessed with writing, reading, editing, teaching, and speaking. More broadly, I’m concerned with people, passion, and connecting the two. I’m open to just about any adventure, and even a whole lot of situations (or conversations) that most people would consider boring. I am an unashamed Zen-inspired intellectual who tests INXP on the Myers-Briggs and Type 4 on the Enneagram. I care about joy and beauty, in a broad sense. I’m occasionally even fun to be around. I’m passionate about things big and small: how a good book changes your experience of the world or how a one-second glance from a stranger across the room can alter the day’s landscape."

I also like that every week Jane posts the "best of" Twitter posts of the week on any given topic, usually something literary, which is a timesaver for you and me. Jane is cool. I hope to get to meet her someday. Blog on, Jane!

So, who are you reading lately? What say you?

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Henri Junttila said...

Heya Carrie,

Thanks a lot for your kind words. It's always fun to hear that people are enjoying what you write, especially when you're getting started.

I've never heard of the two other blogs, but will check them out as well!

Cheers :-)