Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Surfing the Web for the Latest Twitter Resources

There have been some excellent resources online lately highlighting some of the new Twitter features as well as applications. I have been exploring them on my own between projects, and found some new and interesting "twists" on Twitter. Here's a snapshot of what my web surfing has yielded:

How to Market Your Business with Twitter Lists
An excellent post by social media Guru Cindy King on ways to use the new Twitter Lists feature to tune into online conversations, follow other people's lists, brand your own business better by creating interesting lists, and find out what some trending topics are in specific niche areas just by clicking on a list that you follow. You don't have to be followed back. I particularly liked the embedded video by San Diego social media expert Amy Porterfield that demonstrates how to create new lists, add folks to the list, and also follow others' lists. How cool is that?

4 New Mac Twitter Apps You May Have Missed
In late January, Mashable posted a quick news story on 4 new apps worth noting, which include: Itsy, a mini application that lets you search, tweet, view replies, etc., without a large footprint. This is good to know since many of the apps like Tweetdeck seem to use quite a bit of memory. Twitt is featured, which offers customized themes; Echophone shows conversation histories and has a drag and drop feature to upload photos; and finally, Yoono, which allows you to post updates across multiple platforms. This last one particularly intrigues me as I'm always interested in aggregators, so I'm going to try it out soon.

Review of Twitter Marketing EBook

There are so many social media books out there, it's hard to choose which are the best resources. Over on Twitip (I love that name), there's an excellent review of Marko Saric's book, Twitter Marketing: How to Go Viral on Twitter. For under $20, the reviewer Jade Craven writes, the book is an excellent value, and contains great information on how to tweet, personalizing your profile, tips on promoting yourself, and increasing your followers.


This program is still in beta, but when it comes into its own, I think it has great potential, and it has some unique search feature you definitely won't find on Twitter itself. The program automatically filters for recent updates from all your followers, shows all their geographic locations, and how many followers they have. As of now there is no other program that allows you to search your followers. Above is a screen shot of my account when I typed in the search term, "San Francisco." I think this will come in handy for some of the event marketing I am doing.
Not it's not a mouthwash! This directory of great Twitter lists is a great tool that for some reason still appears to be under the radar for a lot of people. I discovered it a few months ago, and find myself wandering over to the home page now and then, just because it's such a great time saver. You can search Tags by topic or category, do a people search, and you can add your own lists so you can impress people with your creative list building. Go for it.

10 Apps to Advance Publish on Twitter
A recent post had a useful listing of 10 apps for advance posting on Twitter, including favorites like SocialOomph and Tweetlater, and some new apps on the block, such as Tweet Funnel and Future Tweets.
There's also Tweet-U-Later,, and others. Don't worry about the punctuation, just try it.

What are your latest favorite Twitter apps, and what if any have impacted your business the most?

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