Monday, January 18, 2010

What's Your Marketing Style and Can You Afford to Be Annoying?

We all know the Shamwow guy, and he's irritating, right? The headset, the fast/smooth talking, the offer on to of offer on top of...well, you get the idea. And still, don't you find yourself watching him every time his infomercial comes on, annoyed or not? I know I do, even though I practically have the entire offer memorized, from the buy one get one free, to the add-ons consisting of a quick vegetable chopper (who wants to cry anymore when they slice an onion?), to yet another add-on -- the cheese slicer. Watch that baby slice and dice. Who could live without these things?

We could, but we probably won't for long, because smart marketers do several things right, even when they are annoying:

1. Identify your client's problem, and make sure they are aware of the problem, and offer yourself as the solution.
I might never have realized my current paper towels are shameful compared to the powerful absorbent qualities of the shamwow if I hadn't seen this tv demo on how great life could be, if only I switched. And look how easy it rinses! It would really be nice to get everything clean in one swipe. This product and brand is the only solution to my problem

2. Create a sense of urgency.
I'm starting to really believe that if I don't take care of this countertop problem soon, I will never be able to live with myself. Besides, phone operators are waiting to take my call. They could run out of supplies, or stop production tomorrow. Some of life's greatest treasures are short-lived.

3. Offer value added big-time.
OK, so I get the Shamwow, and the vegetable slices and the cheese grater, and even an extra cheese grater on top of that, as a reward for my due diligence in the liquid absorption category. Yay for me. I'm already thinking of who I can gift the extra cheese thingy to.

Marketing lessons learned: identify the problem, offer your unique solution, create urgency, and offer extra goodies. For all you online marketers out there, that means having a great product, writing captivating landing pages and product or services offers, showing why you are unique in what you do, making your offer urgent and time-sensitive (have a limited run, discount only good through a certain date, etc.), and throw in lots of bonuses and goodies to make your clients feel special, because guess what - they are. And if you do your due diligence in this, I would argue that you can afford to be somewhat annoying. Send that extra e-mail if your deadline is indeed running out. Send the sales letter with the yellow highlighter if that's the best way to sell your book. Make another video if you have to. If your products are good, your audience will stay with you and grow.

Now I'm off to wipe down my kitchen counters, but I really can't go on this way with my regular paper towels. It's getting downright embarrassing.

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