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Carrie Freelance November E-News & Views

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4 Ways to Save Time on Social Media Marketing
During the Holidays

1. Is blogging taking you forever? If you've been writing 3 posts a week or more, you can save time by writing one really great post a week instead, and doing more with it. Encourage your friends to submit your post to Digg, to increase the chance that more folks will read it. And, you can submit it to article sites like e-zine, so as to increase your SEO and gain visibility.

2. No time for a Facebook Fan page? Since 86% of all online retailers currently have pages, and they are the only Facebook features to be fully indexed by Google, with a #3 Alexa ranking, it's a good idea not to be left out in the cold on this one. A basic FAN page that doesn't require any custom HTML can be done in about an hour. If you want to customize it later on, save it for the new year, but at least you'll have a great template to start with.

3. Not on Twitter yet? There are over 17,000 tweets per minute, and each tweet has its own date stamped URL. That means every time you tweet, you are making a trackable online footprint. To save time on Twitter, try using Tweetdeck or Seesmic Desktop to help streamline your feeds. And you can also use Tweelater to advance publish your tweets while you're off caroling!

4. Not Linked In? Studies have shown that unsolicited e-mails received through Linked In have over 7x the open rate as that of regular e-mail, so don't wait until New Year's to figure it out. At the very least, spend the bulk of your time on your Profile Page, since that's the most important page everyone looks at first. You can make it a New Year's resolution to search great people to connect with in 2010.

Editor's Note
The Importance of Offline Experiences


Carrie with Janelle Wang, co-host of ABC's

View from the Bay


And here with Marsha Collier, eBay expert and leading author of the "eBay for Dummies" series, after the Social Media Trends session at the Paypal X Innovate Conference in San Francisco

Hi everyone, welcome to my November newsletter. During the last few weeks, I was "out and about" a bit more than usual, and it was a nice break from the social media dance that can start to take over our lives. You know what I mean. The Twitter "twist." The Facebook "flip." The Posterous "shuffle." Some of the events I attended were planned, and others were more spontaneous, but I felt honored to have met many special individuals who have really made their mark on the world. Social media is great for meeting influencers online, but there's nothing like real life to see first-hand these influences in action. Each time I meet a great person who impresses me, I always ask them, "How did you get started?" and their stories always inspire me. Or, I do some research their background and say to myself, "wow." Seriously. The true lessons here are: 1. sometimes our heroes are the people we haven't even met yet; and 2. if you're running low on inspiration and/or ideas, take a break from your computer for a while and go offline. It's worth the trip.

Who are your role models, and how do your offline experiences shape your business and your life?
Six Degrees of "Twitteration," and What Does the Balloon Boy Have to Do With It?


Here's a brief synopsis of a great story

  • I recently connected with a college friend and fantastic writer, Elizabeth Searle, on Twitter. Elizabeth wrote, among many things, a novella called "Celebrities in Disgrace," which is currently being made into a film. She also wrote a rock opera based on the Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan skating scandal, which received huge media coverage.
  • I was somehow inspired by the Balloon Boy story, and started tweeting a new fiction piece as an experiment.
  • Elizabeth saw my tweets, and asked if she could feature my story on her very cool blog.
  • A happy ending...and for your all as well. Elizabeth has kindly agreed to send along some copies of the book that I can offer to you guys through my next contest - as subscribers of my newsletter and/or FAN page members - so stay tuned.
  • More happy endings, as Elizabeth said of my writing: "I really like the surreal vivid writing here: the odd details of No MSG and fake mini apples-- you really capture the feel of life today."

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About Carrie

Carrie Jaffe-Pickett is a writer, editor, and communications specialist in Silicon Valley. She has over 60 published articles in magazines and newspapers regionally and nationally, including Redbook. She is a published fiction writer, and has won the Heekin Foundation novel in progress award as well as the Katherine Anne Porter prize for fiction. She also has 15 years of experience as Director of Communications and Public Relations for a national health care organization in New York City, and is a Constant Contact Business Partner, as well as being recently named one fo 30 writers to follow on Twitter. You can learn more about her at carriefreelance.com and carriewriterblog.com.

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