Monday, October 12, 2009

5 Social Media Life Lessons


What follows are some "social media-isms" I have found to be true from my experiences over the last few weeks. Confirms that many best practices are still evolving, and some old standards need to be reaffirmed.

1. A Comment About Commenting...Where's the Host?

It's disturbing when bloggers enthusiastically promote the importance of commenting and acknowledging comments on blogs, both in person and online, and then basically ignore your comments. If I repeatedly show the interest in your blog, you should comment back and show that at least you have seen it, and don't say you're too busy, especially if you're going on in your blogs about how important community is to you. It's like throwing a party and then leaving the room. Everyone is left to wonder: where's the host?

2. You Wrote a Book? Congratulations, but Please Don't Overpromote Ad Nauseum

We all know that marketing a book or e-book can often be harder then writing it. I have read blog posts about it, heard speakers go on about it, seen many comments on it. Online marketers are exhausting themselves trying to promote their books, and readers are exhausted hearing about it. Enough is enough. It's on your signature tag, you wrote a post about it, tweeted, and facebooked. Enough is enough. We get the idea, you wrote a book.

3. How About a Link Once in a While?

Posting spontaneous thoughts once in a while is OK, but doing it all the time without any links, just gets flat after a while. If you don't have a resource handy, it usually only takes a few minutes to find a relevant video or article that highlights your point, and it helps objectify your topic. It also give your viewers something tangible to chew on.

4. Be Congruent. Really.

Ever had the experience when you talked to someone over the phone for a while, and then you finally meet them in person and it's...well...not the same? It can be an unpleasant surprise. This hold true online as well. There should be a congruity between your online persona, and how someone perceives you, if and when you meet in person. If I have been having online chats with someone for months, and finally meet them in person and they decide not to even say hello although they know who I am, I am troubled by this. I would rather have someone match the impression I had had from them online, even if they aren't the warmest fuzziest. It's like getting the economy room at the hotel - no frills - but I knew this when I signed up.

5. Are You Only As Good As Your Last Blog Post?

Well.... Yes. Attention spans are short, and as brilliant and articulate as you might have been last week, it's now this week and the challenge is keeping current. I'm amazed at how many social media experts I have come across have outdated blogs, with the last post being almost a month old, or even older. While keeping up with Facebook and Twitter is admirable, I'm a firm believer that the blog is still your basic foundation and everything stems from there. You don't really want to have to explain to people: my dog ate my blog...

What are your "social media-isms?"

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