Saturday, September 12, 2009

Look Back in Anger

Every Sunday, I do my own little week in review, looking at local, national, and international events that somehow made an impression on me one way or another, good or bad, inspiring or deflating, settling or unsettling. In thinking about events of the last few days, I have to wonder: what is going on?

This blog isn't about politics, or sports, or mtv -- it's about communications, and therefore it's about everything. Maybe it's the economy, or pressure to get ahead, or frustration with the world in general, that seems to be causing a communications breakdown, but suddenly, it seems like all bets are off. The national dialogue is no longer a dialogue, but rather a showdown. An insult. An interruption. A crossing of lines. Everyone - it seems - is angry, and it doesn't always have to do with money.

*Serena Williams makes an unfortunate comment - or rather what's being called a "foulmouthed tirade" at the line judge at the end of the US Open, and gets fined $10,000, with more serious consequences potentially to follow.

*Kanye West grabs the mic from Taylor Swift at the MTV Music Awards and talks about how great Beyonce's video was.

*South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson heckles president Obama during his health care speech, calling out: "You lie."

Apologies are issued, and life goes on, but not without leaving a bad taste in our mouths and a trail of ill will, to say the least. It's ironic that with all the effort we expend in polishing our online profiles, with tweeting and facebooking and blogging and everything else, the truth is that it's in face to face interaction that we show our true colors, and lately, they're not pretty.With all the focus on social media, have we forgotten how to behave in person? If we're going to be angry, let's be angry about the right things. Last week marked the anniversary of September 11. Can't we show a little respect and act like grownups?


Julie Wright said...

Carrie, I 100% agree (as you know)! And feel the same way. What I'm contemplating too is whether social networks where snark is frequent has spilled over into in-person communications?

Unknown said...

Hi Julie, thanks for the comment, and yes, it could be the other way around in terms of social media behaviors spilling over in real life, although it seems like people are better behaved online! Maybe they don't want to be deleted or risk being left out of the conversation altogether...

Eric said...

Thank you for your kind words about my new book. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to put all of our email best practices into this book, but my favorite part of the process was gathering all of the great customer stories and weaving them into the best practices to bring them to life! Thanks again. – Eric

Unknown said...

Hey Eric, thanks so much for your comment. I noticed that it was posted to go with a previous blog entry, "Look Back in Anger," rather then the post about Constant Contact, so I'm so wondering if you could repost your comment so it goes with the correct post, so as not to confused readers. That would be great! Also, any chance of getting a promotional copy I could use as a giveaway for my readers? Thanks.