Monday, August 17, 2009

Peter Shankman Shares 4 Rules of Social Media at Affiliate Marketing Summit East

In this video, Peter Shankman explains the Poken to Carrie. A very cool gadget we all must acquire!

Peter Shankman, founder of HARO (Help a Reporter) and CEO of a boutique PR firm in New York City, skydiver and triathalete, delivered a vibrant and fast moving keynote at the Affiliate Summit East, just as one might expect from such a fast moving guy. Oh yeah, and he was really funny too. And he showed us a great video. And he showed off his Poken. (If you want to know more about that, click on my video.)

For a guy who got his start in the newsroom at AOL, and who first paid his rent by selling "Titanic" t-shirts in Times Square: It sank...get over it...", one would expect surprise, innovation, and a lot of attitude - good attitude, that is, and that's what we got.

So what are the 4 rules of social media?

1. Transparency.
"Consumers relate to transparency. The best idea I ever had for HARO was using my own e-mail address for people to contact me."

2. Relevance.
"Give people what they want, in the way they want to get it. Do you know how your readers like to get their information? Have you asked them?"

3. Brevity.
"How to achieve brevity? Learn how to write. These days, you need to be able to get to your audience in 5 seconds, or about one paragraph."

4. Top of Mind Presence.
I was a little lost on this one, until he explained. It means thinking outside the box. Remembering people's birthdays on Facebook. Calling people you haven't spoken to in a while and asking them how they are. How is this social media? Not sure, but it makes sense in the big picture. I think he's basically saying that online connections need to also be combined with real life interactions.

Do you think these 4 rules will work for you, or have they already?

One more note - his keynote ended with a really interesting take on marketing from "the inside out." That is, we no longer look for experts to tell us what we need, we want the inside scoop from those who know us. It's a different kind of trust. And that means there is a new democracy in influencers - namely, you and I.

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