Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Little Too Ironic

Beauty and the Beast
Farrah Fawcett was the embodiment of the clean, tanned, California beauty queen sex kitten, and was frustrated that she wasn't taken seriously in her career.
It took her cancer diagnosis and a documentary about all the ugly details to get people to get her. She goes from poster pin-up girl to poster-girl for rare form of cancer.

Beat It
A new study reveals that lack of sleep can increase one's likelihood of getting cancer and other diseases.
Michael Jackson apparently wanted, among other things, to get a good night's sleep, and died over what he did to himself to get it.

Love Story
30 years ago, Ryan O'Neal played a devoted husband to wife Ali McGraw, who dies of leukemia. Life imitates art.

Something to Talk About
According to a news story, the public is fascinated with celebrities because it gives them a way to connect with each other. Many celebrities are typically described as isolated and disconnected.

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