Friday, April 03, 2009

Tweet You Later - A Review of 3 Top Twitter Apps

I've been experimenting a lot with several Twitter applications over the last 2 weeks, mostly out of my own interest in learning, and also because I was involved in my first official Twitter research project for a software tester. Out of all the programs I tried, here are the highlights and my official take on some of these programs:

This is a great program, as it enable you to set up groups, columns, filters, and many ways in which to view your followers. I found, however, that if you are doing a traditional search and looking for followers, it pretty much worked the same as the raw search you get in plain old Twitter, and I ended up doing this...why? Because Tweetdeck is a huge memory guzzler, and if you're like me and don't have a lot of megabytes to throw around, you'll want to think twice about running this program. I read some blog posts about this and apparently I'm not the only user who has noticed this problem. Also, there is an annoying notification "bell" that sent my blood pressure rising every time someone in my Twitter group posted a tweet. I was able to disconnect this in the settings function, thank goodness.

This application is a clear winner, for several reasons. It has a lot of functionality, is easy to use, and is free, although there is an upgraded version you can pay for that has added bells and whistles. As for the free stuff:
*you can add an automated message to your new followers...didn't you always wonder how people did that?
*set up automated searched using key words and phrases that go right into your inbox
*automate that those who follow you, you will follow
*schedule tweets in advance so you can go off to the Caribbean while your Twitter group thinks you're slaving away! (note, I didn't think I would use this feature as I have my blog feed into twitter automatically, but I still found there were topics I wanted to tweet about separately anyway....)

If anyone is using the Professional version of this program and has a comment on how they like it, I'd love to hear about it.

Just Tweet It
I was excited about this program when I first logged in and saw what it had to offer, namely a long list of directories which could post a mini ad for your business, web site, or blog, in whatever category fit best, or in multiple categories, kind of like a yellow pages. While I liked the way the display ads were set up and saw the logic behind it, and I liked that each time someone posted a new ad you got a note in your in box, it does not seem to effective in the long haul. From a marketing stanpoint, one would have to scroll through the directories, choose profiles of those that look like potential clients or stakeholders, and then contact them individually. A fair amount of work, when you could just tweet them to begin with.

I'll be continuing my search for the ultimate Twitter application. In the meantime, send me your picks and I'll post them here. Happy Tweeting!

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